About Annetta – Editing Rates and Services

I am a full-time freelance award-winning editor. I’ve  worked on over two hundred indie novels in an array of genres. You can find out what my  clients think of me here.

STORY Is My Passion

I have edited and wrangled hundreds of short stories, flash fiction, novels, novellas and online serial work until my eyes have bled. STORY is my passion, and I can read your story/novel to provide you with expert advice on what to fix and how to fix it to make your work the best it can be. I am quite passionate about fiction, and have over forty years experience with the written word, although in my heart I am still nineteen and can pass for twice that on a good day and with help from Miss Clairol.

Let Me Help You Fix It

Is it broken and you can’t figure out why? I can help you pinpoint the problem and help you fix it without compromising your voice or your vision. Do you need an outside Eye to focus on where things can be tighter, more dynamic, more polished?  I have that Eye (which almost led to a career in a circus sideshow, but don’t ask me about it. I’m rather sensitive on the subject). I specialize in helping authors take their manuscript to the next level.

My preferred genres are speculative fiction, paranormal, horror, urban fantasy and the like, but no genre is out of my interest zone.

It’s all about the STORY.

Rates and Submissions

I determine my rates based on level and length of the manuscript for content editing. Interested parties should submit the first two chapters and the last two chapters of their work. I will evaluate the first chapter of your novel (or 1500 words) at no charge. For shorter works, 15% of the story will be evaluated.

A one-page summary of the piece is also requested.

Content Editing: Also known as “developmental editing”, content editing includes evaluation for:

Plot logic

Story arc


Narrative flow

Basic structure

A Client Management System (CMS) is utilized for projects. You will be issued a sign-on and you will be able to upload and download documents. An overall evaluation of the story will be provided under the “Note” tab; comments suggesting improvements and in-line edits will appear in the document. When necessary, additional notes will be found at the end of certain chapters. Your editing Goddess is available via email, chat, Twitter, Facebook, or Skype for any additional support. You are allotted a one hour Skype chat for each project. Any additional time will be charged at the hourly rate.

Content editing also includes a fair amount of copy editing at no extra charge, but does not replace the need for a thorough copy edit.

My job is not to blow smoke up your nether regions. My job is to give you an honest, unbiased, educated evaluation of your work. My job is to help you make your story the absolute best it can be. I’m not mean, but I mean business.


1. I work in Word with the Track Changes option. No exceptions.

2. Documents should be formatted in Times New Roman 12pt, double-spaced, and include a word count and genre.

3. Manuscripts which do not adhere to #2 will be deleted unread and I will tell you to fix it and resend. #SorryNotSorry.

Business Hours And Hourly Rate

Monday-Thursday 9AM-9PM CST

Saturday 12-4PM CST

Fridays and Sundays offline.

Consultation services are available for brainstorming, hashing out story ideas, blurbs, and other publishing-related subjects. My hourly rate is $65/hour with a one hour minimum.

I am also available for guest posts or interviews. Email me at annetta.ribken(at)gmail.com and let’s chat!

Testimonials can be found here.

“If you do one thing right for your book, hire Annetta Ribken. Her insight, sharp eye and scary intuitive feel for plot and character is awe-inspiring. I’ve learned so much from her it’s not only made me a better writer, but taught me to love the process. I’m lucky, very lucky, to have found her and refuse to use anyone else.”  ~ Patti Larsen, award winning YA author of the Hayle Coven series; the Hunted series; Blood and Gold series; Diamond City Trilogy, all available on Amazon.

“Nettah the Edditah,” as she was quickly dubbed on my website, was exactly what I needed: cheerleader, hand-holder, taskmaster, dictator. She helped me take a pretty dreadful manuscript of what I thought was three books and rework it into one, through long, grueling months. Her patience was boundless, her kindness endless, her tactfulness pretty much non-existent. In short, the perfect editor.”  ~ MeiLin Miranda, author of “Lovers and Beloveds”, a Preditor and Editor winner for Best Erotic Novel 2010 and “Son in Sorrow”, both available on Amazon.

No project is too big or too small. Both fiction and non-fiction accepted. Contact me at  aribken(at)wordwebberpress(dot)com for more information. Let’s talk about your book!


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  1. Hey netta, thanks for the nice comments. Good to see you’re not just a bot trying to cannibalize some clicks off my well-meaning Web identity. So just a note to say thanks very much for your kind words. Question: I feel a nordic or European inflection on your site; am I wrong?

  2. Actually, you are 🙂 I’m in the heart of the Midwest and about as American as you can get. It’s interesting you say that.

    I loved your story. Thanks for popping by, and I hope I see you more often.

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