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Getting On With It *personal*

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Not unexpected, but I’ve had a rough few days here in Wonderland. I’ve dropped my basket, lost my funny, and have indulged in enough tears to bathe a herd of elephants, and what good does it do? I’m not familiar with the grieving process as it applies to losing a  Major Personage, as my momma was the only parent I had.  I don’t like this part. Nope, not digging it at all.

Still, one foot in front of the other. One tiny step at a time, and then, next thing I know, there will be lots of tiny steps behind me, and things will change. That’s my hope.


Baby Watch 2008 continues — no baby yet. Today is the due date of my first grandchild, and the Little Mama is looking ready to pop. (I forgot how huge a woman can get during pregnancy! Some memories are best left in the “I’m Never Doing That Again” bin. Heh.) Every time she moves, I’m jumping. It’s quite comical, really, and the Little Mama thinks it’s funny. MackDaddy and I are not so amused.  :)


Next post will be Flash Friday, and I hope some of you catch the Flash Buzz and play along. Writing and music have always been my drugs of choice, so I’ll post a prompt and roll around in some words…take a trip to somewhere different, and I hope you’ll pack a lunch and come with me.

I’ve got dibs on the bologna sandwich, but I’ll trade you an apple for those chocolate chip cookies….


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