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Enter Friday

Wow, how did Friday get here so fast? It seems like last I knew it was Monday. Or at least Tuesday morning.

Busy week was busy. And in the ranks of the self-employed, it’s not over yet. However, in my travels I have come across some interesting tidbits I shall now pass along to you.

On Monday, I read this fascinating article on birth control for men. It seems quick, easy, and relatively painless, which is a lot more than I can say about labor and/or getting your tubes tied. Of course, I don’t have balls (at least, not in the physical sense) so I can’t say for sure, but this procedure may also might have the “side-effect” of destroying the HIV virus. WHOA!

Then there was Tuesday, and I posted an amazing article by Timothy Smith regarding social media. It is well worth the read, trust me. Also on Tuesday, which I missed until Thursday, the lovely Patti Larsen had a few things to say about her editor. *Ahem*. That would be me. I’m still blushing 🙂

On Wednesday, my good friend, erotica writer Eden Baylee, had an article published about her recent trip to Gold Clouds Villa in Jamaica. She did such a great job I’m drooling. Especially this time of year, I WANT TO GO THERE. NOW. So beautiful! And the villa is, too. Heh.

Also on Wednesday I came across this information about Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock”, and one of my favorite prints ever. I actually have a print of it framed and hanging in my bedroom. Is it the teddy bear protecting the child from the monster or the other way around? Maybe we’ll find out when The Rock completes his project. Squeee!

Not this rock. The handsome, hunky Rock. With the muscles. Who played the Tooth Fairy. Oh, never mind.
Not this rock. The handsome, hunky Rock. With the muscles. Who played the Tooth Fairy. Oh, never mind.

*Photo courtesy of ameins of morguefile.com

Thursday I saw a post on Facebook from Kathy Frederick which really struck a chord. I mean, I know eventually I’m going to die, like we all are, but due to a recent and minor health disturbance, the question came to my attention–what happens to your computer shiz when you take the Next Step Beyond? Yeah, okay, maybe I should be worrying about what’s on the Other Side and all that, but there’s nothing wrong with taking care of business on THIS side. To that end, Kathy posted a link to help you Get Your Shit Together. Take the time, people. It’s worth it. Once you step across the line, it’s over–and you may have some specific ideas of what to do with the shit you leave behind. If you love the people left alive, don’t leave them with a mess.

Also on Thursday, I talk a little bit about the prep work in my Editing With Netta series. Next week we will discuss story structure. I also took a rare time-out and watched the pilot episode of The Following, starring Kevin Bacon and JAMES FREAKIN’ PUREFOY. Oh holy shazzam! Twisted, demented, cerebral, graphic, and totally mesmerizing, I have found my Next Favorite Show.

And last, but certainly not least, I’ve discovered Coursera and signed up for “Fantasy and Science Fiction: The Human Mind, Our Modern World”. I am so excited! And they’re not playing, y’all. These are actual college courses taught by universities from all over the world. FREE. I’m like a kid in a candy store, and I had to physically restrain myself from signing up for eight different subjects. (One at a time, Netta. These aren’t peanut M&Ms.) What really thrills me is not only the material (Grimm, Stoker, Doctorow, Wells, Poe, etc.) but the fact the students in the class are international, affording a broad perspective I probably wouldn’t experience in a “traditional” college course. Did I say I’m excited? WELL I’M EXCITED! It’s a lot of work, but I think the benefits will be well worth it.

I'm going to need a lot more of THIS.
I’m going to need a lot more of THIS.

*Photo courtesy of jppi of morguefile.com

The plate. SHE IS FULL. And that makes me happy.

So tell me, dear peeps, how did your week go?