When I hired Annetta Ribken nine books ago, she became much more than an editor. She became a combination mentor, drill sergeant, and cheerleader. She teased stories out of me that I never imagined I was capable of telling. She encouraged me when I thought I couldn’t handle the road ahead. And she never cut me an inch of slack. If you genuinely want to improve your manuscript, Annetta can help you do that. Her prices are fair. She goes the extra mile for her clients. And she’ll make you laugh so hard your sides hurt.

~ Catie Rhodes, author of the Peri Jean Mace Ghost Thrillers


Annetta made the editing process fun. Her sense of humor had me laughing more than once when she would engage with my text/characters. She understood what I was trying to accomplish and her comments all helped strengthen my goals. She was so easy to work with. She was timely, professional, and encouraging. She was also very direct and made sure that I knew what I needed to change or simply cut out. I tend to front load my stories with too much detail, so Annetta’s ability to take pruning shears to the first fifty pages shaped the novel up nicely. I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a developmental read. She excels at structure, which is something I think a lot of authors struggle with, and she makes sure she understands what you need and want from her editing services. A++++ service!

~ Meghan Maslow, author of By Fairy Means or Foul


Annetta Ribken is more than an editor. She’s a writing coach, mentor, and drill sergeant (if you need a good kick in the pants). She understands story like no one else I’ve worked with, and she excels at pushing you to find the heart of your characters. Without her impact, my Lucy Kendall series would have fallen far short of its’ potential. She helped me turn a semi-unlikable character into a serial killer readers rooted for. Annetta believes in her writers and pushes them to their limits, but she never makes a writer feel foolish or as though she’s fallen short. She approaches her work as a teacher and friend, and I am honored to work with her.

~ Stacy Green, best-selling author of the Lucy Kendall thrillers, the Delta Crossroad mysteries, the Delta Detective series, and much more.


If you do one thing right for your book, hire Annetta Ribken. Her insight, sharp eye and scary intuitive feel for plot and character is awe-inspiring. I’ve learned so much from her it’s not only made me a better writer, but taught me to love the process. I’m lucky, very lucky, to have found her and refuse to use anyone else.



I had the honor of working with Annetta Ribken on my second published piece of long fiction. She was not only easy to work with; she made the story significantly better with brilliant suggestions regarding structure and character motivations. In addition to being an outstanding content editor, Annetta is also a detailed line editor. The piece that she helped with has received many accolades, and she deserves much of the credit.

I now have worked with several editors—some good, others great—but I have a special place in my heart for Annetta. She was always there with a joke, a bright suggestion, and encouragement. She’s much more than an editor; she’s a partner and a teacher. Do yourself a favor and work with Annetta Ribken. You’ll be glad you did.

Peter Giglio, author of SUNFALL MANOR and co-author of THE DARK


Annetta Ribken is my editor of choice and I’m extremely picky. As an author constantly looking to improve my work, Annetta provided the perfect balance of knowledge, encouragement, and plain old-fashioned hard love.

She worked with me, offered advice for improvements, and at times, insisted I could do better even when I didn’t know I could do better. With her guidance, I pushed beyond limits I had set for myself as an author.

I have little tolerance to deal with someone who doesn’t meet my standards for professionalism – that means: meeting set deadlines, getting back to me when agreed upon, and a courteous exchange at all times. These were never issues with Annetta. She is professional to a fault.

If you’re looking for an editor who will fawn over your manuscript and tell you how great it is with just a few grammatical fixes, don’t hire Annetta, but … if you want to work with someone who will be honest about how you can improve every facet of your book—from plot to structure to dialogue to bringing your characters to life, then Annetta Ribken should also be your editor of choice.

Eden Baylee, author of SPRING INTO SUMMER


Annetta was a joy to work with. Bad pacing, plot holes, padding, overuse of certain words and phrases: my novel had it all. In only a few rounds of editing, Annetta showed me how to fix the problems, while holding my hand through the painful parts. Not only did I end up with a well-edited novel I can now publish with confidence, but in the process learned my problem areas and how to avoid them with my next book. I would recommend her editorial services to any author without hesitation.

Jordan L. Hawk, author of HAINTED and WIDDERSHINS


I first worked with Annetta Ribken on my book “Sweet Blood of Mine” and was amazed how quickly and efficiently she got back the first draft to me. Her ideas were excellent and really made me think about plot/character items I’d never even considered. I think the quality of my book shot up considerably and made me wonder why I hadn’t thought of some of those things before. She was very thorough with every round of editing and when the final was done, I felt so much better about it. In short, the investment was more than worth it.

When I finished the sequel to that book, I didn’t hesitate a moment to use Annetta for it as well. For any author who wants to be taken seriously as a professional, a content editor is something you can’t skip. Your book will be stronger, your plot thicker, and your characters three-dimensional. My experiences with Annetta have been great and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.



I have worked with Annetta Ribken for 5 years and highly recommend her writing and editing services. She is a delight to publish as the structure of her work is always impeccable, and her editing is thorough without sacrificing the essence of a story or article.

Matthew Ward, Mockfrog Design,Skive MagazineMary Celeste Press


“Do you hate me yet?”

It was somewhere into the third round of edits that I realised there really was a light at the end of the tunnel. The manuscript I’d poured out of my head was looking better. It didn’t look like it’d spent the last two years in some horrible south east-Asian hospital, wrapped in fetid bandages, gangrenous flesh being cut away by the day as they sprouted anew. There was a spark back in its eye. We could get there. The patient would make a full recovery.

Before she got her carefully sharpened fingers on it, I’d spent the better part of six months with a red pen and a determined glare trying to make the bastard work. I’d feared that my book, Rolling Sixes, wouldn’t make it through. The way she tore into my manuscript was something to behold, for sure, and I watched on with amazement. I couldn’t keep up.

Netta works like a machine, but with a heart of gold. You ever heard the phrase “one step forward, two steps back”? You never will with Netta. It’s always one step back, two steps forward. For every little dumb mistake she harangues you for, she’ll build you up with two little things you did well. Mind you, she’ll tease you endlessly. “Do you hate me yet?”

I’ll always admire how attuned she is with her work. Your work. It’s one and the same.

So for God’s sake (and your own) hurry up and hire her already.

Mitch Davis, author of ROLLING SIXES


I heard about Annetta Ribken on Twitter, of all things. I had just mused I needed an editor to help whip my first novel into shape, and a fellow writer said, “Oh, my editor Annetta is fantastic.” And she was and is.

“Nettah the Edditah,” as she was quickly dubbed on my website, was exactly what I needed: cheerleader, hand-holder, taskmaster, dictator. She helped me take a pretty dreadful manuscript of what I thought was three books and rework it into one, through long, grueling months. Her patience was boundless, her kindness endless, her tactfulness pretty much non-existent. In short, the perfect editor.

Without Netta I would never have been able to finish “Lovers and Beloveds (An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom #1),” nor would it have been as readable as I’m told it is now. I am a better writer for having worked with Netta, and I’m excited about our projects together in the future. If you need an editor, what are you waiting for? Hire her, and get excited about your project, too.

MeiLin Miranda, author of LOVERS AND BELOVEDS, a Preditor and Editor winner for Best Erotic Novel 2010 and SON IN SORROW.


Annetta worked for me as a freelance writer at MoreFocus, Inc and I am happy to recommend her. I had about 100 writers I could choose from and went to Annetta more often than most because her writing was always top-notch, she understood the strict parameters the company had set for Internet publishing and she respects a deadline. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again if given the chance.

Jill Marr, Content Director, MoreFocus, Inc.


Annetta is a kick-a** writer, with wit, creativity, and panache. You will be happy with the work she does, as well as with her interpersonal skills. Annetta deserves your attention and your business.

E. Svensson


I hired Annetta to help with a large project. Her work was creative and well thought out. Annetta was not afraid to ask questions and is a great individual to work with. She is a fantastic writer who can handle any project with ease. I highly recommend her!

 Angie Haggstrom, Angie’s Copywriting


The first time I read Annetta’s blog, I was hooked. Her writing is colorful and packed with energy. She has a great turn of phrase, an eye for detail and the ability to bring events and people vividly to life. She’s made me laugh out loud at times and brought tears to my eyes too. The same qualities are evident in her consumer articles and fiction and to me that’s important. Having made a living as a freelance writer/editor for the past 15 years (legal encyclopedias, consumer magazines, mystery novels) I know that a professional needs to be able to adapt his or her skills to any job that comes to hand and from what I’ve seen Annetta clearly possesses this ability. I’d certainly recommend her for any sort of writing services.

Eric Mayer, co-author of the JOHN THE LORD CHAMBERLAIN mystery series


Annetta is a witty, clever writer and editor that has clearly been gifted with the talent for words. Always paying attention to details, Annetta is always on top of the task at hand and has more passion and perseverance than most people I know. It is a pleasure and privilege to associate with her on a regular basis.

L. Henderson-Perez, Legal Assistant


Annetta Ribken is a conscientious and hard working person. I know of no other person with the work ethic and integrity that she exudes. Whether she is writing, editing, networking or blogging, she puts her heart and soul into it. Rest assured that if you have the opportunity to work with Annetta you will come away from the experience enriched and enlightened. Run, do not walk to your favorite e-mail program and get in touch with her. Do it now!

 John Melanson, Cape Cod Holistic and John Melanson Web Services

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